Our Volunteers - great helping hands

Ophthalmologists and orthopedists, dentists, The non-professional volunteers assists teachers and therapists in the class and therapy sessions in our school on a regular basis.

The Volunteer Program covers the following areas:

Recruitment and screening of volunteers
Orientation and placement of volunteers
Training of volunteers
Activities for volunteers
Appreciation of volunteers

"What has been your MOST REWARDING EXPERIENCE as a volunteer in our school?"

"..... some children I have not taught for a couple of years still remember me by name and greet me with "Hi! Sasi Aunty ..." - SASI

"These were my simple rewards and joys.. an autistic child, insisted on sitting next to me during singing sessions." .Sushila

"When a boy in my charge finally called me by name and smiled at me... I was so happy and my eyes welled up with tears." - Lalitha

Each of Us have the face of a Volunteer just waiting for the heart to point us in the right direction.